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Devops with Kubernetes

I did the following presentation “Devops with Kubernetes” in Kubernetes Sri Lanka inaugural meetup earlier this week. Kubernetes is one of the most popular open source projects in the IT industry currently. Kubernetes abstractions, design patterns, integrations and extensions make it very elegant for Devops. The slides delve little deep on these topics.

NEXT 100 Webinar – Top 3 reasons why you should run your enterprise workloads on GKE

I presented this webinar “Top 3 reasons why you should run your enterprise workloads on GKE” at NEXT100 CIO forum earlier this week. Businesses are increasingly moving to Containers and Kubernetes to simplify and speed up their application development and deployment. The slides and demo covers the top reasons why Google Kubernetes engine(GKE) is one of the best Container management platforms for enterprises to deploy their containerized workloads.

Following are the slides and recording:

Recording link



Container Conference Presentation

This week, I did a presentation in Container Conference, Bangalore. The conference was well conducted and it was attended by 400+ quality attendees. I enjoyed some of the sessions and also had fun talking to attendees. The topic I presented was “Deep dive into Kubernetes Networking”. Other than covering Kubernetes networking basics, I also touched on Network control policy, Istio service mesh, hybrid cloud and best practises.



Demo code and Instructions:

Github link

Recording of the Istio section of the demo: (the recording was not at conference)

As always, feedback is welcome.

I was out of blogging action for last 9 months as I was settling into my new Job at Google and I also had to take care of some personal stuff. Things are getting little clear now and I am hoping to start my blogging soon…


Docker Networking Tip – Troubleshooting

Debugging Container and Docker Networking issues can be daunting at first considering that containers do not contain any debug tools inside the container. I normally see a lot of questions around Docker networking issues in Docker and stackoverflow forum. All the usual networking tools can be used to debug Docker networking, it is just that the approach taken is slightly different. I have captured my troubleshooting steps in a video and a presentation.

Following is the video and presentation of my Docker Networking troubleshooting tips.

I would appreciate if you can provide me feedback if the Networking tip videos were useful to you. Also, if there are any other Docker Networking topics that you would like to see as a tip video, please let me know.

I have also put few Docker Networking videos and presentations that I did over last 3 months below for completeness.

Following are the 2 previous Networking tip videos.

Following are 2 Docker Networking deep dive presentations:

Docker Networking Tip – Load balancing options in Docker

I had promised earlier that I will continue my Docker Networking Tip series. This is second in that series. The first one on Macvlan driver can be found here. In this presentation, I have covered different load balance options with Docker. Following topics are covered in this presentation:

  • Overview of Service Discovery and Load balancing
  • Service Discovery and Load balancing implementation in Docker
  • Docker Load balancing use cases with Demo
    • Internal Load balancing
    • Ingress routing mesh Load balancing
    • Proxy load balancing with nginx
    • L7 load balancing with Traefik

Following is the associated Youtube video and presentation:

I have put the use cases in github if you want to try it out.

If you think this is useful and would like to see more videos, please let me know. Based on the feedback received, I will try to create more Docker Networking tips in video format.

Docker features for handling Container’s death and resurrection

Docker containers provides an isolated sandbox for the containerized program to execute. One-shot containers accomplishes a particular task and stops. Long running containers runs for an indefinite period till it either gets stopped by the user or when the root process inside container crashes. It is necessary to gracefully handle container’s death and to make sure that the Job running as container does not get impacted in an unexpected manner. When containers are run with Swarm orchestration, Swarm monitors the containers health, exit status and the entire lifecycle including upgrade and rollback. This will be a pretty long blog. I did not want to split it since it makes sense to look at this holistically. You can jump to specific sections by clicking on the links below if needed. In this blog, I will cover the following topics with examples:

Handling Signals and exit codes

Continue reading Docker features for handling Container’s death and resurrection

Docker Networking Tip – Macvlan driver

Last few months, I have been looking at Docker forums(, and trying to understand some of the common questions/issues faced in the Docker Networking area. This prompted me to do 2 presentations:

I received positive feedback to these 2 presentations. As a next step, I thought preparing each Docker Networking tip as a video can help some folks to get a better picture. As a first attempt, I prepared Macvlan driver as my first Docker Networking video tip. Following is the associated Youtube video and presentation.

If you think this is useful and would like to see more videos, please let me know. Based on the feedback received, I will try to create more Docker Networking tips in video format.