Kubernetes and GKE learning series

I recently did a 4 week Kubernetes and GKE learning series in Google cloud. The goal here was to take some of the fundamental Kubernetes and GKE concepts and run them through with specific Qwiklabs to illustrate the concepts. Qwiklabs is a GCP sandbox environment to try out GCP technologies. The nice thing with Qwiklabs is that there is no need to even signup for a GCP account. Another good thing with Qwiklabs is that the same instructions can be tried out in your personal GCP account as well.

Following are the recordings to the series:

Migrating an application from Virtual machine to Containers and run it in GKE

Securing Access in Kubernetes/GKE

Troubleshooting with GKE

Running Serverless applications on GKE

Please provide your feedback and also let me know if there are any further topics that you will be interested.

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