I am interested in the recent wave of Cloud, SDN, NFV and Devops developments and how that allows for the Network to be an open system instead of a closed one. I try to follow the latest developments in Open source projects like Opendaylight, Openflow, Openstack, Opencompute, Docker, CoreOS and how it all ties together. You can find my hacky code here.

Currently, I am working as a Senior Manager in Cisco Systems, Bangalore. I work in the Data center group focusing on the Cisco UCS product-line. I have around 18+ years experience in the Networking industry. I am part of Docker bloggers/captain forum and I give presentations at Docker/Open source meetups in Bangalore when I get a chance.

I am Author of “Mastering CoreOS” book, technical reviewer for “Mastering Ansible” book and “Ansible for Network automation” report. I am currently reviewing Network programmability and Automation book, CoreOS Cookbook and Mastering Ansible, second edition.

In this blog, my goal is to capture things that I am learning as part of this new wave of technology developments happening in the Cloud and Networking industry. The opinions expressed are my own and does not reflect opinions of my employer. You can reach me through linkedin or follow me in Twitter at @srmakam.

15 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello,
    It is a very useful blog. Thanks for sharing.

    I could not find the following script:

    Can you please tell me where to find it?



    1. Thanks Brent. Btw, your blog was 1 of my motivations to start writing a blog and I follow your blog closely…
      I was very impressed with the ODL/OVSDB work being done by you and OVSDB team. Will try to step in sometime soon…

  2. Thanks Makam , The blog is very informative and has the consolidated info useful for a newbie like me to kick start and work on ODL.

  3. The topics you have covered are very relevant to us. you have presented information well. I am not sure if our team is aware of this blog. So now i see, why you like to keep our switch wiki updated all the time 🙂

  4. I’m trying to contact you. I am a network engineer with 2 years of experience and interested into network automation. Learning python now. I need some guidance from you. Can you share you email id to contact.

  5. Hello, I am trying de work whit the files ova but get this error , when is running the script stack.sh : HEAD is now at 3b41c1b Merge “Remove unneeded call to fecht network infow on shutdown” into stable/icehouse

  6. Hi Sreeni, I have good experience with dockers but am bit new to consul, mesos etc. I have some basic challenges as well as some advanced. Would like to interact with you if possible. My skype id vaseem.aziz – please connect

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