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Arista Eapi and pyeapi

I had covered basics of Arista EoS and vEoS in my previous blog. Arista’s Eapi gives programmatic approach to manage Arista devices. Arista’s Pyeapi Python ┬álibrary is built on top of Eapi. In this blog, I will cover the following:

  • Eapi
  • Pyeapi library

I have used Arista vEoS for trying out all examples below without needing a physical Arista device. That shows the power of virtual device.

There is lot of similarity between Arista’s Eapi and Cisco’s NXAPI. I covered NXAPI in 1 of my earlier blogs. Arista’s Eapi is equivalent to Cisco’s NXAPI, Arista’s Pyapi library is equivalent to Cisco’s Pycsco library. Arista’s Eapi provides http/https access to the Arista router/switch through which we can send standard CLI commands and the output is received in JSON/XML formatted output. There is no need to do screen scraping with this approach, this makes it devops friendly. Arista’ Pyeapi is available as a github project.


To enable Eapi in Arista device, do “management api http-commands” in config prompt. Following is the output in my Arista vEoS switch:

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