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Storage Primer

Storage is a very critical component in the current IT domain. Choosing the right Storage platform and software is a critical part of a good Data center whether it is internal or external cloud. Even though I understood some Storage basics, I never ventured deep to understand the different storage technologies available. I tried to brush up my knowledge by doing some reading recently and I have tried to capture some of my reading in this blog.

Storage device(HDD vs RAID vs SSD)

HDD – Hard disk drive consists of a spindle with disks.

RAID(Redundant array of Independent disks) – Combines multiple HDDs to provide more reliability, throughput and capacity.

SSD – Solid state drive is a memory chip and it has no moving parts.

Storage device performance is measured in terms of throughput(data transfer rate), latency(time it takes to start a IO task) and IOPS(IO operations per second).  SSD scores better over HDD on all the performance parameters. RAID provides comparable throughput and IOPS as SSD, but SSD provides better latency. The only disadvantage of SSD is the much higher cost.

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