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Openstack distribution

In the last few months, following were some acquisitions that happened: Cisco acquiring Metacloud, EMC acquiring Cloudscaling, HP acquiring Eucalyptus. Metacloud and Cloudscaling have Openstack based distributions, Eucalyptus has a cloud OS similar to Openstack. This set of acquisitions prompted me to look little closely at Openstack distributions and following blog is a result of this.

I see a close parallel between Linux and Openstack in terms of how they are evolving. Unix started off with various flavors like FreeBSD, Solaris, Linux etc. Linux is the dominant Unix version used now. There are different companies like Redhat, Ubuntu selling and supporting Linux distributions. There are currently different Cloud OS like Cloudstack, Eucalyptus, Openstack etc. Openstack is emerging as a major Cloud OS. There are different companies selling Openstack distributions currently.

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SDN Openflow commercial applications – Part 2

This blog is a continuation from my previous blog on SDN Openflow commercial applications. In this blog I will cover SDN applications in Network performance optimization and monitoring and Data center fabric.

Network performance optimization and monitoring

Networks have a lot of information and by looking at Network state and statistics collectively rather than at individual device level provides a lot of useful information. This information can be used to optimize the network based on application needs. The next set of applications are targeted towards monitoring Network state and statistics as well as improving the performance of the network.

Kemp SDN Adaptive load balancer

Kemp has integrated its Load master ADC with HP VAN SDN controller to provide adaptive load balancing based on the traffic load on the switches.  Normally ADC makes load balancing decisions based on L4-L7 characteristics. Kemp’s Load master ADC interacts with HP VAN SDN controller which in turn gets the traffic load on switches using Openflow. Based on the L2/L3 network statistics and the L4-L7 characteristics, Kemp’s Load master makes intelligent decisions on traffic steering and load balancing.

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SDN Openflow commercial applications – Part 1

In this blog, I will cover some commercial SDN Openflow applications available in the market now. SDN is the most overused term in the Networking industry now and there are different applications and technologies claiming as SDN.  I am going to cover SDN Openflow applications which rely on the model of switches supporting Openflow agent and a centralized controller running the control plane and programming the data path in the switches using Openflow protocol. The switches can either be virtual or physical switches. Following are the topics that I am planning to cover in this blog.

  • SDN Openflow application model
  • SDN Openflow applications. Following are some broad categories and examples of vendors providing the solutions in that category. This is not an exhaustive list..
    1. TAP Monitoring fabric – Bigswitch Big Tap monitoring fabric, Microsoft DEMon(Distributed Ethernet monitoring)
    2. Security – F5 Big Ddos, Bluecat DNS director,  HP Network protector, Radware Defenseflow, Guardicore Defense suite
    3. Network performance optimization and monitoring – Kemp adaptive load balancer, Realstatus hyperglance, Ecode Evolve, HP Network optimizer
    4. Data center fabric – Big switch big cloud fabric, HP VCN, NEC Programmable network fabric
  • Final thoughts

In the first blog, I will cover the SDN Openflow application model and TAP monitoring fabric and Security applications. In the next blog, I will cover Network performance optimization and monitoring, Data center fabric and some final thoughts from my side.

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Cloud Infrastructure

In this blog, I will cover:

  • Major components of the Cloud infrastructure from hardware perspective
  • 2 models of deploying Cloud infrastructure
  • Overview of different converged infrastructure players and their solutions.
  • Deepdive into VCE converged infrastructure solution.

Major Cloud hardware components are Compute, Storage and Network. There are 2 models of building Cloud infrastructure.

  1. Build using discrete components.
  2. Buy turnkey solution called as Converged Infrastructure.

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