Bangalore meetup – Docker Networking Troubleshooting presentation

Docker Bangalore meetup is a very active group dedicated to topics around Docker and the ecosystem around it. There was a meetup conducted yesterday at IBM office. There was a mix of topics presented including Moby, Linuxkit, Docker for Windows and Docker multi-stage builds. Thanks to Neependra for organizing the meetup, Neependra created this meetup group and has been passionately doing it from the early days of Docker. Thanks to IBM for hosting the meetup, IBM has been a very active contributor to Container and Docker ecosystem.

I did a presentation on “Docker Networking – Common issues and troubleshooting considerations”. The feedback received in the session was very positive. Following were some reasons that I did this presentation:

  • Networking is a complex topic and Docker networking is continuously evolving in every release and this makes it difficult for folks to figure out the right feature to use for their use-case.
  • When applications are taken from development to production, networking needs change and the typical approaches don’t always help.
  • Enterprise customers have lot of legacy applications and the networking needs to satisfy connecting legacy non-containerized applications with the new container based micro services.

Following is the approach and references I took to prepare the presentation:

  • Over the years, I have used some techniques for common networking stuff including Docker containers and I have captured this.
  • I went through the discussions in stackoverflow and docker forums and tried to find the common networking questions that folks ask.
  • Docker has a great documentation that includes Docker’s internal documentation, white papers and great set of blogs. I referred this extensively.
  • Dockercon videos around networking topics.

Following link has the slides and this link has the video recording to my presentation. The slides in the recording is not very clear. I would very much appreciate if folks can provide feedback and also provide suggestions on additional Docker networking tips that can be covered. I will try to keep the slides updated based on what I learn/understand in the future.

Following are some of my earlier blogs/presentations that you can refer to get more understanding on Docker Networking recent features:

1 thought on “Bangalore meetup – Docker Networking Troubleshooting presentation

  1. can you please add a sample ”docker run ..’ command for macvlan case,
    so that the container interface acts as a DHCP client.

    Will be helpful for newbies

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