Opendaylight Helium release

Opendaylight Helium is the second release after Hydrogen and it was released late September 2014. Earlier, I was using Opendaylight Hydrogen release and recently, I tried out Opendaylight Helium release. In this blog, I have shared some of my experiences with Helium.

Following are some important additions to Helium compared to Hydrogen. For more details, please refer Opendaylight webpage.

  • Hardening of the controller, Clustering capability, Security options like AAA.
  • Better integration with Openstack which has features like Group based policy, service function chaining.
  • Use of Apache karaf container format so that individual features can be installed.
  • Better Dlux gui.

Following is Helium block diagram from Opendaylight webpage.


Opendaylight Helium can be downloaded from here. Helium-SR1 got released recently and this has important bug fixes after Helium. The download link also has install guide, user guide and developer guide which are pretty useful.

L2 switch application:

I tried out the L2switch application that comes with Helium. I installed following features in Karaf.

  • odl-openflowplugin-flow-services-ui odl-l2switch-switch-ui odl-l2switch-all odl-openflowplugin-all – L2 switch
  • odl-dlux-core – Dlux gui
  • odl-restconf – For restconf access

I connected Mininet with OF1.3 and a simple topology with 1 switch and 2 hosts and I was not able to ping between the hosts. After discussing with Opendaylight mailer, I realized I need to upgrade my Open vswitch version. I had Openvswitch version 1.4.6 and that worked with Hydrogen. I had to upgrade Openvswitch to 2.1.3 version and the Mininet ping worked after that.

To access the Dlux GUI, use this address(http://localhost:8181/dlux/index.html) when the controller is running.

REST api access:

Hydrogen had REST api through which we can access the controller data both for configuration and monitoring. With Helium, controller data is maintained as a Yang model which uses MD-SAL that gets exposed using RESTCONF. I had earlier written a Python library for Opendaylight Hydrogen to access inventory, topology, flows etc. I had to rewrite the library to get it working for Helium since RESTCONF is used and the the grouping of information has changed with Helium. Helium python library that I have written can be accessed from here. To browse through complete RESTCONF tree as well as for configuring, following link(http://localhost:8181/apidoc/explorer/index.html) can be used while controller is running. Another approach to try out REST apis is through postman client which is available for Chrome browsers.

I will publish more details on Opendaylight Helium features in upcoming blogs.



9 thoughts on “Opendaylight Helium release

  1. Hi,

    Thank you for your post. Did you try integrating devstack + opendyalight helium?. I successfully installed opendaylight hydrogen release with devstack but there is issue with Openstack floating ips. Though I am able to assign floating ips to VMs, they are not reachable from outside and I am not able to ping floating IPs. Any help is appreciated.

    1. hi Shiva
      i had done hydrogen integration with devstack using the VM mentioned in this link( I tried Helium integration few weeks back, I had few issues and I did not proceed further. Following link( shows steps done with successful integration in Fedora.Hopefully, this can help you.


      1. Thank you Srinivas for your reply. Even I successfully set up hydrogen release with devstack but I am not able to ping floating IPs associated with VM’s. I am able to assign floating IP’s but not pinging from devstack host (controller node ). Did you try associating floating ip’s? are they pingable?


  2. Thanks Sreeni for this post. I was also facing the same problem of “ping not working with ODL”. This post is like an Oasis on a barren land. After upgrading my OVS, it worked like a charm. Once again, thanks a lot!

  3. Hi Sreeni/Bakshi

    I am landing on same issue, where i am able to assign floating ips but those are not reachable. I have enabled ODL_L3 feature instead of neutron l3.

    1. I am using OpenvSwitch with version 2.0.2 on ubuntu 14.04.2.
      Does OpenvSwitch version need to upgraded?
      Kindly help me to resolve this issue.

  4. I am using helium SR4. My openflow [openwrt] switch is connecting to Controller but i am unable add flows via DLUX UI. How can i add flows by DLUX (without XML scripts) ?

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