Openstack Overview

In 1 of my previous blogs, I have given overview of Cloud OS and comparison of the popular Cloud OS available in the market today. Currently, the most popular opensource cloud OS in the market is Openstack. Openstack has lot of momentum going for it along with a great industry backing.

Following blog gives a good overview of Openstack components, release history along with comparison of Openstack components with AWS.

Openstack can be downloaded from here. It is pretty complex to install Openstack since there are multiple components involved. Similar to linux distributions provided by linux vendors, there are multiple vendors offering Openstack distributions. Following blog covers popularOpenstack distribution vendors. More vendors are joining into the fray now. These distributions offer easier deployment, customizations, performance tuning as well as support. The best way to try out Openstack is using devstack. Devstack offers a scripted approach to install and try out Openstack. In 1 of the next blogs, I will cover the Openstack install procedure using Devstack.


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